But here comes a disclaimer: You should never say karaoke in Korea as it is a Japanese word. Noräbang (), formed from norä (song or song) and bang (room), literally means a room for singing. It became popular in Korea in the 80s and 90s after karaoke machines were invented in Japan in the 70s. Nowadays, norebang can be found everywhere in Korea, especially in recreational areas or student areas.

Advertisements for karaoke rooms, known as noraebang, can be found in entertainment districts across Seoul, South Korea. If you want to enjoy a delicious Korean cocktail in a picturesque spot in the city, head to one of Seoul’s popular rooftop bars. These are great places to hang out with a friend or bring a date. While many rooftop bars in Seoul offer an upscale ambiance, there are some like Gaja Changgo Rooftop that are super casual and friendly. The decor may be rustic, but the cheap beer flows through the night and the view of the night sky will brighten up your evening.

For a more classy experience, head to Griffin Bar at Hotel JW Marriott in Dongdaemun Square. It is known for its craft cocktails and breathtaking views of the city. Seoul has a wide range of bars where you can grab a drink before heading to another bar or where you can spend most of your evening.