Heaven or Las Vegas · 3.Iggy’s Karaoke Sports Lounge · 4.From the team behind Bushwick’s beloved Mood Ring comes a nostalgic-looking karaoke bar, named after a hit by Scottish old-rock band Cocteau Twins. To say that the interior of the main bar is colorful is an understatement: blurred lamps hang from the ceiling, an LED smiley face behind the bar, and a large TV for karaoke in the center.. After you’ve successfully won the crowd with your take on Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” there are two more rooms to explore.. Karaoke takes place Sunday to Wednesday from 7pm to 2am, and on weekends this new spot turns into a full-fledged dance club.

The next time you need a good laugh or want to hug your inner diva with a microphone, try one of these top 10 spots in NYC. From places with private spaces where you just have to sing in front of your friends to opening karaoke bars, when you feel extra safe, you need to let go of everyday stress and have an incredible time. Koreatown is known for its fantastic karaoke bars, but space karaoke may have surpassed the rest of them. This venue offers 10 private spaces, the latest and greatest in the “karaoke industry,” a full-service bar with specialty cocktails, and even a menu of delicious gourmet bites..

They’re also open after 4am on Friday and Saturday so you can end your evening with a bang. Karaoke Boho has a wide range of room sizes and a large bar at the entrance (karaoke songs are also played on the TV when you are waiting for a room). They have over 100,000 songs that you can also search on their website. They also have great happy hour deals on food and drink.

Gagopa is also in Koreatown and is actually BYOB, so it could be a good choice if you’re on a budget. It offers over 20,000 English songs and 10,000 Spanish songs that you can pre-search on their website to make sure they have the hit you want to sing. The Maru Karaoke Lounge is located in the heart of Koreatown and is primarily a dance club with some private spaces for karaoke. It’s perfect for a night out with friends who want to sing their hearts out and then dance into the wee hours of the morning.

New York City Chorus’ 30 Most Iconic Dishes has been a standby in Koreatown since opening in 2003, attracting well-known regulars who head to the third floor where they boldly slaughter pop classics. The atmosphere of the public bar area is ideal for people-watching or a noisy happy hour trip, but parties can also shuffle into a private room in a discofied hallway. Skip the sweet and fruity cocktails and opt for Asian, European and local beers, which are available in jugs. BYOB is a rarity in New York, but it’s a particularly desirable option in a karaoke bar, which helped develop the cult audience for Gagopa in Koreatown.

For those who don’t plan a head, there is also a beer and wine list. The focus here is on entertainment, with only private rooms accessed via a hallway lit like a Christmas tree. The nearby 32 karaoke from the same owners are often less crowded. K-One’s dramatic decor with 3D artwork and illuminated floors is paired with a robust selection of Chinese songs and dining options such as fish balls and duck wings.

This nondescript Irish dive with a 100-foot bar on Second Avenue also beats some serious karaoke. But at their core, great karaoke bars allow people to express themselves creatively around the people they love, even when a note falls flat.. Baby Grand is a friendly, intimate karaoke bar where all guests sing along together, with no judgment allowed. Gagopa is open seven days a week and gets crowded quickly, especially because this karaoke bar features the rare BYOB.

There are plenty of incredible karaoke bars in New York City that are just waiting for your singing talents (or your enthusiasm, if that’s all you have). Located above the busy part of East Broadway, this old-fashioned Chinatown dive and karaoke bar appeals to both Chinatown residents and fashionable visitors who are all there to show off their singing chops. Whether it’s a closing time, a birthday party, or simply a night to get your heart out, a karaoke bar can set the mood. For people who want to join happy hour karaoke — or maybe start at 11am when they turn on the microphones — Steiny’s may be the only bar in town where you can have breakfast while singing about breakfast.

In the bar, you will find large red booths, their famous punch and chandeliers made from old karaoke laser discs. Karaoke bars are rarely remembered for their food, but Insa is a restaurant that serves upscale versions of Korean barbecue such as black pudding with cellophane noodles and bibimbap. Baby Grand strives to bring the unique magic of Japanese karaoke to New York and is a tiny bar with no private booths, yet still conjures up an intimate atmosphere. Beats Karaoke has large private rooms and various party packages to ensure you have the best karaoke night of your life..

Radio Star Karaoke %26 Bar offers original high-end entertainment in the heart of Manhattan Fashion District and Midtown.

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